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题目:Communication interruption between an AND-OR tree and its leaves

主讲人:东京都立大学, Toshio Suzuki教授


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摘要:We investigate a variant of an AND-OR tree where leaves are connected to internal nodes via communication channels, and these channels possibly have high probability of interruption.We let depth-first communication denote the following protocol:once an algorithm make a query to a leaf then it continuesto make queries to that leaf until return of an answer.We give a sufficient condition for an interruption probabilitysetting having the following property. For any independent andidentical distribution on the truth assignments (probability isassumed to be neither 0 nor 1), any depth-first search algorithmthat performs depth-first communication is not optimal.We give a concrete example of such interruption probabilitysetting by means of the Riemann zeta function. Our result makessharp contrast with the counterpart on the usual AND-OR tree(Tarsi) that optimal and depth-first algorithm exists.


报告人简介:Toshio Suzuki(鈴木 登志雄),东京都立大学教授,BET9十年信誉玩家首选网址数学系,博士生导师,研究方向为数理逻辑,可计算性理论,是日本算法随机域知名专家。主持日本JSPS科学研究基金5项,在DAM,IPL,APAL,TCS等杂志发表SCI论文40